Alexander Technique

naomi coleman
a month ago-
“I could feel my neck, shoulders and back once again, rather than being compressed into one. An amazing 6 lessons with an amazing teacher and lovely person. Delphine articulates the Alexander Technique with clarity and ease making it easy to understand and put into practice. I will be back. Thank you Delphine”.

  • back reliefThe Alexander Technique teaches us how to use ourselves with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. It is a method of postural re-education, which makes a pupil aware of how he/she reacts and moves in daily life activities.
  • With increasing awareness we begin to notice tension patterns previously unnoticed and habitual.
  • The technique helps us to undo and prevent those habits which so often lead to aches and pains and a lowered standard of mental and physical functioning.
  • It addresses the source of a person’s problems, rather than aiming to alleviate the symptoms.
  • The method seeks to restore a general condition of harmony and balance in the person, and therefore specific defects tend to disappear in the process.

Who can benefit ?

People come to the technique for help with a wide range of problems –chronic back pain, neck and shoulder tension, recurring headaches, fatigue: Others would simply stand, sit or walk more comfortably and be free from strain. The Technique is also widely used various fields of performance such as music, acting, sports, to enhance skills and prevent injury. Alexander’s view was that the technique leads to an “improvement of general functioning”. It certainly can contribute to a greater sense of well being and enjoyment of life.

I am a registered Teacher with the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT). I have a busy practice in Crouch End, North London, and my pupils travel from many local areas, such as Highgate, Muswell Hill, Finsbury Park,Stroud Green,Hornsey, Alexandra Palace and Finchley, as well as from central and North London

Clinical Trials

A major clinical trial published in the British Medical Journal (19th August 2008) shows that people with chronic and recurrent back pain gain long term benefit from Alexander Technique lessons.

An improvement in functioning and quality of life was also recorded.