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    review rating 5  Fantastic teacher. Sessions are very relaxed and comfortable and the results are brilliant- my RSI worries are now gone completely. Highly recommend!

    thumb Noah Stoneman

    review rating 5  I came to Delphine struggling with RSI pains in the wrist and elbow from painting which I do professionally. Through her fantastic guidance I'm now painting pain free again, and am now feeling the calming benefits of a building Alexander Technique practice in my wider life. She is a fantastic teacher and lovely person to spend 45 minutes with each week remembering to 'think back' and keep my 'neck free'. Her jedi-like ability to know when your mind has wandered from the task of keeping a light awareness of your physical body in space amazes me. Each time she picks up on it and gently brings you back task in hand, namely stay light, stay loose and stop grabbing at the end goal.

    thumb archie proudfoot

    review rating 5  A really amazing teacher. Delphine is so calm and gentle. I would highly recommend her.

    thumb Cathy Lynch