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Delphine Miller’s Alexander Technique, teaching in North London Crouch End and Central London




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Jessica Sherlock – a google review ‘Delphine is a brilliant Alexander technique teacher. It’s helped my back enormously in a way that will likely serve me well for the rest of my life. Really recommend her to anyone looking for a long’ term solution for back pain’


Delphine Miller (MSTAT) Alexander Technique Lessons offered in person and online.I am passionate about teaching the Alexander Technique to all ages, and abilities and have a busy private practice in Crouch End and Central London. I have also  been a teacher trainer for over 25 years at the ATTS Alexander Technique Training  School as deputy head. My background is that of a health professional having worked at senior level as an Occupational Therapist and it was the stress of this role that led me to having lessons  over 30 years ago.

lessons are £50

First lesson is £60 as it is longer and involves a consultation.
Discounts are available for NHS staff teachers ,pensioners and young musicians
Block bookings of 5 or more lessons are also discounted  (please ask)

Phone 07790 090 969 Email

Central Crouch end
N8 ( parking available)

back relief        neck relief 

About Delphine
I have been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1996, and training new teachers since 2001. I qualified at  the three-year full time professional training course at the North London Teacher Training School.
(ATTS (Alexander Teacher Training School)  

I maintain a broad interest in health and well being, having worked at a senior level in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist.

I am a registered Teacher with the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT). I am fully CRB checked and a member of the health professions council,

Alexander Technique is more than posture

it can be a used to enhance our general well-being and ability to deal with the daily stresses of modern life

The Alexander Technique is a powerful method of releasing poor postural habits and re-educating the mind and body in everyday activities as well as being a highly valued tool for actors, musicians and athletes

Alexander Technique is a unique and life changing tool that can be learnt by anybody. The Technique can address the root of many pains and disorders, which are caused by ongoing postural misuse of the body and how we react to stress in our lives. Although you will feel better after lessons, it is a learning process, not a treatment so you learn the technique for yourself

It can be applied to  daily life and many everyday activities, such as: using a computer, walking, driving, and  playing sports. The Alexander Technique is especially useful in recovery from injury and illness.
Alexander Technique can also in addition  provide valuable early intervention for children, and teenagers by addressing postural misuse in daily activities.

The Alexander Technique offers a solution in today’s lifestyle.


The Alexander Technique is a skill you can learn yourself through lessons.
It deals with the cause of a problem as well as the symptoms.
It is widely used by performers and sports people to enhance their performance as it
prevents RSI.

The Alexander Technique Is helpful for the following conditions as well as maintain  general well-being in the face of life stresses 

  • Counteracting the effects of stress we deal with in daily life and enhancing our resilience
  • Musicians/performance and performance related health issues
  • Insomnia and anxiety
  • RSI and computer-related distress-tension headaches and migraines.
  • Pregnancy and preparation for birth
  • Voice problems and breathing
  • Pain management
  • Hyper mobility syndrome.
  • Poor posture
  • neck and back pain.
  • fibromyalgia
  • Recovery from injury and illness.

By learning to use the technique in daily life we learn to let go of unnecessary tensions and stress in daily activity

We already notice, with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things such as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness...Professor Nicholas Tinbergen. Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine and Physiology

The following link is  a guided conscious rest in semi supine

The following link is a  Scientific model describing the Alexander Technique

Yellow pages reviews

Google reviews link


Jenny Bourne Taylor
1 review
6 months ago
Trumpet player
Delphine is a great teacher and I’ve really benefitted from her lessons. My trumpet playing in particular is much more relaxed and confident, and my general well-being has improved.

Alexandra Ridout  
BBC Young jazz musician of the year 2016
1 review 5 years ago
I have recently started having some lessons with Delphine, after having had other teachers and she has been the best teacher I’ve ever had by a long way. Extremely helpful lesson and also a lovely person would highly recommend her
Seth Tackaberry
1 review
Bass Guitarist
a year ago
Huge positive changes in my work and life thanks to Delphine. Sessions are always enjoyable and her approach is extremely intuitive. Highly recommended.
Sally Herbert
2 reviews
a month ago
Delphine has helped me so much, well worth a visit
Noah Stoneman
2 reviews
3 years ago
Fantastic teacher. Sessions are very relaxed and comfortable and the results are brilliant- my RSI worries are now gone completely. Highly recommend!

Florence Moore
1 review

7 hours ago

Delphine is a brilliant teacher who makes you feel at ease and explains the technique in a very clear and relaxing way. I started going for help with an ongoing RSI issue in my arm from playing an instrument and after just a few sessions, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in not only my arm but my overall wellbeing. Would highly recommend to other musicians!
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